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Welkom op mijn Blog! Ik ben Wini, 38 jaar jong, getrouwd met Hendrik-Jan en moeder van twee geweldige kinderen. De oudste is Aurora (9 jaar) en de jongste is Danylo (6 jaar). Ongeveer 8 jaar geleden heb ik het scrapbooking ontdekt en bijna twee jaar gelden ontdekte ik het leuke van stempelen. Van hieruit is ook mijn liefde voor fotografie gegroeid met een opleiding tot gevolg Kijk rustig rond op mijn blog en laat eventueel een berichtje achter ;).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

One-layer Magnolia card

Today I made another one-layer Magnolia card.

This time for several challenges:

Magnolia stamp lovers - Red & white

The dutch Magnolia chickies - Kerstkaart

Totally tilda - Masking

Masking is not that very difficult, but very fun to do.
First you have to stamp your image on a plain white card, and another one on masking paper or a post-it. Than cut out the last one and stick it on your first stamp. Because I wanted some more white on my card I cut a strip of a post-it an stuck that also on my card.
After that I gave my card some colour with Distress ink and a blending tool. Give it as much colour as you want to. You can even mix several colours.

Enough colour? Now you can remove al your maskings, and start colouring the image.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas without red, green or blue

Another challenge on the WWW, make a christmas card without using the colours red, green or blue. So why   not a christmas card in blak and white?

This card is made for the following challenges:

totally tilda
magnolia stamp lovers

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three blog-challenges

Today I combined three blog-challenges: sports, blue and favorite Magnolia stamp. That last challenge was the hardest, I don't have a favorite Magnolia stamp. I just love them all.
This card is for de following blog challenges:

This card is for my daughters best friend who is getting her third swimming degree very soon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Purple X-mas card

 Here is another card with the one-layer technique. For the ones who don't know what that is.......it's just a card and a lot of ink. So no glue included.

First I stamped Tilda on a plein white card. Then I stamped her again on a piece of masking paper. After masking Tilda, I took a Post-it and cut about 5 cm off to cover a part of the card. When all the masking was done I took my blending tool and started adding some purple (distress ink) and black acrylic paint spetters to the card.
When the card was dried, I coloured Tilda with Derwent coloursoft.

It's an easy technique, but so fun to do. It gives a whole different dimension to the Magnolia stamps.

With this card I'm entering the challenges of:

It's a magnolia challenge